Workplace Health and Safety Tools

Punch in Attestation Questions

Health Screening Questionnaires

OnePoint Attestation solutions give you the ability to ask and record employee responses to wellness questions before and after a shift. Unfavorable responses to those questions can be routed to managers in real-time so risky employees can be further screened prior to entering a facility.

OnePoint HCM Contact Tracing Detailed Hours Report

Contact Tracing Reports

Contact Tracing can be an effective tool to limit employees' potential exposure to a contagion (like COVID-19). Reports like the Detailed Hours report can shows who was working during specific time windows and location details. Gain a clearer understanding of who might have come into contact with an individual(s) while at a business location.


Employee Vaccine Tracking

For organizations that have deemed it necessary to require proof of vaccination or want to track vaccinations, OnePoint can help. Customize the employee record to capture non-HIPPA health fields like COVID-19 vaccination dates. Take advantage of self service capabilities and notifications to automate the process.

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