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Our unified HCM solution provides a complete workforce management platform that helps our non-profit partners allocate labor, optimize productivity, control costs and maintain grant reports in one platform.


OnePoint Volunteer Management Solutions

Streamline Volunteer Management and Scheduling with OnePoint

Streamline Volunteer Management and Scheduling with OnePoint

Many Non Profit Organizations rely on volunteers, but managing your volunteers in spreadsheets or in a duplicate database is cumbersome and often results in errors and inaccurate information.

OnePoint HCM flexible and configurable HCM solution presents the opportunity to manage volunteer data separately, but in the same system that you manage your employees, simply by creating a “Volunteer Profile” and a completely unique experience for your volunteers.

Watch how you can track volunteer information like availability, shift preferences, skill & certifications which can help when scheduling volunteers for events. Create self-service workflows and checklists so volunteers can submit information like shirt size, drivers license numbers, and even health information.

OnePoint HCM Volunteer Management Solutions


  • Open Enrollment Overview

    Open Enrollment Overview

    Benefits Enrollment with OnePoint streamlines the enrollment process for your company and makes it easy for employees, eliminates paper forms and manual processes, and gets you back to the business of your business in no time.

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  • Employee Engagement Trends Report

    Employee Engagement Trends Report

    How can Non-Profits engage and inspire a multi-generational and multicultural workforce with a wide range of values, expectations, and needs? Top employers are harnessing human capital management solutions to create compelling work environments that make employees feel valued and treated fairly.

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  • Case Study: Kids and Families Together

    Case Study: Kids and Families Together

    Before coming to OnePoint, non-profit organization Kids and Families Together struggled with time and efficiency issues with payroll, time and labor management and benefits administration. Using disparate HR systems to track time, payroll and grant funds, it took their staff three days to complete payroll. With OnePoint’s help they were able to streamline and automate those processes, cutting down on cost of operations.

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