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Employee Record

Empower Employees

OnePoint self service empowers employees to see and update their information when and where it is convenient for them. Cut HR department time answering questions or facilitating update requests. Employees can access their records to review pay stubs, update dependents, check schedules, enroll in benefits and submit PTO requests from any connected device.

Avoid Penalties

Manage Compliance

Mounting compliance requirements make paper-based record keeping a risk for growing companies. Our unified HCM platform stores all employee data in one place with real-time workflows and dashboards to easily manage compliance and required reporting.

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Eliminate Redundant Work and Inaccuracy

With our single database we eliminate the struggle of keeping multiple employee records in different places in synch. Change/updates made by an employee, manager or administrator, are shared seamlessly and are reflected in every corner of your platform eliminating duplicate data entry and risks of inaccuracies.

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