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Accrual Rules Simplify Leave Eligibility

OnePoint's powerful rules engine tracks accruals in real-time. Accrual data is more accurate minimizing the risk of approving or denying a leave request erroneously. Self-service alerts notify an employee if the leave request is invalid before it gets to an approval process. Managers are alerted to pending requests for review for expedited approvals or denials.

Enforce Leave Policies Consistently

Enforce Leave Policies Consistently

Fair, impartial application of leave rules and policies minimizes business risk. Configure rules based on local, state, and federal laws, as well as company specific policies to prevent unauthorized leave, reduce staff deficiencies, and penalties of non-compliance.

Streamline Leave Communication

Streamline Leave Communication

Leave cases eligible for FMLA, workers compensation, COBRA and other require employers to follow specific processes and distribute specific notices/materials during the process. OnePoint Leave Manger solution is configured to meet notification requirements and timelines for any leave type reducing the chance a deadline is missed.

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