Benefits Administration


Benefits Administration

Simplify benefits administration and empower your employees by automating enrollment tasks and storing all your data in one place. Consolidate disparate systems and paper forms into one unified cloud-based infrastructure to see a complete set of HR and benefits data on each employee’s record.

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  • Open Enrollment Overview

    Open Enrollment Overview

    Benefits Enrollment with OnePoint streamlines the enrollment process for your company and makes it easy for employees, eliminates paper forms and manual processes, and gets you back to the business of your business in no time.

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  • Benefits Administrations Preview Video

    Benefits Administrations Preview Video

    Having a benefits admin that is seamlessly connected with HR and on-boarding is a powerful tool to consolidate systems, boost efficiency, and streamline reporting, which then improves accuracy and reduces compliance risks.

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  • Carrier Connection List

    Carrier Connection List

    OnePoint has established hundreds of carrier feeds to automate the transmission of enrollment data without the need for manual processes and stacks of paper forms. Learn more about carrier connectivity and review our 180and 360 degree connections.

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