Carrier Connections

Carrier Connections

180 and 360 Benefit Carrier Connections

Relieve the stress on your HR department and reduce the paper enrollment forms and manual data by establishing carrier connections. OnePoint offers the ability to connect your benefit enrollment data directly to almost any carrier. Once the data feed is established, transmit employee enrollment or life change event information seamlessly. Minimize compliance issues by eliminating errors caused by paper forms and scanning/faxing. The result: a seamless and efficient benefit enrollment process.

Current Benefit Carrier Connections

Use OnePoint as your single benefits administration system to securely and automatically communicate data to carriers for insurance (medical, dental, disability, life, etc.), 401(k) management, and savings accounts (HSAs, FSAs, HRAs, PRAs). Seamlessly connecting your employee management platform to your carriers reduces runaround that burns time and inflates costs.


  • Paperless enrollment process
  • Seamless enrollment data submission
  • Accurate reporting and analytics
  • Scalable for organizations of every size
  • Fully customizable to your benefits packages & carriers
  • Automated life change events, address changes, etc.
  • Stop premium overpayments for employees terminated from coverage
  • Real-time access to EDI/fax reports
automated carrier connections

401k Payroll Integrations 180 and 360 Connections

Reduce the burden of cumbersome reporting and manual submission processes with OnePoints wide range of carrier connections.  We establish automated data feeds to your financial benefits providers via directional (180°) and bidirectional (360°) integrations.

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