HR Integrations

HR Integrations

All your business information systems, working together as one with our HR integration for OnePoint’s platform

In today’s competitive business environment, siloed data and redundant processes create a mountain of paperwork that can quickly bury your staff. OnePoint HCM is built on modern web architecture allowing our HR integration platform to connect your HCM data to the critical business information systems that your organization relies on every day. Through seamless hr integrations or API connections, securely connect OnePoint with other business information systems to automate processes, increase productivity, and gain real-time visibility into your workforce.



    Create instant efficiencies and productivity by automatically activating your employees on the critical business systems they use daily. Our API platform integrates rapidly and intuitively with major business productivity tools such as Office365, Sharepoint, Workspace and more. User provisioning securely and quickly activates user accounts, cutting each employee’s onboarding time so they can begin working efficiently right away. Any offboarding trigger automatically deactivates the user’s accounts, thereby minimizing data risk.



    Find qualified candidates and fill positions quickly while working in our HCM platform. OnePoint job board integrations automatically post job requisitions to top premium and free job boards. Seamlessly create, manage and promote your organization’s open position postings without having to leave OnePoint's user-friendly platform.

  • Google Workspace

    Google Workspace

    Millions of businesses rely on Google applications and Google Workspace tools to securely communicate, connect and manage critical business data. By integrating OnePoint with Google Workspace, you gain the benefits of two smart technologies working together to streamline employee communication and data management. Consolidate communication and data-sharing, eliminate redundant processes and keep your data secure through Single Sign On access and 2-factor authentication.



    Extend your all-in-one solution functionality across the entire spectrum of business services. OnePoint’s HR software integration platform provides seamless connection with accredited third-party providers of leading business tools. That means you don’t have to commit time to research or worry about hiccups during the integration process.



    Reduce the paperwork burden on your HR department by connecting your benefit enrollment data to hundreds of carriers. Transmit open enrollment or life change event information, cut down on time-consuming paper forms, and eliminate manual data entry errors. Our 180- and 360-carrier connectivity creates an open line of communication between you and any benefits provider that permits connectivity.

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