Compliance Management

Reduce your exposure to risk with a powerful compliance management system.

Simplified compliance management is the end result of a unified HCM platform. Advanced compliance features utilize real-time data to create accurate reports so you are always confident that required reporting will be complete, correct and submitted on time.

Everything you need in a single compliance management system

Consolidate your records, automate your reporting and work with experts to minimize your risk of non-compliance. OnePoint compliance management tools put you in control.

Standard Compliance Forms

These mandatory compliance forms are included in your OnePoint human capital management software and automatically share data with your OnePoint Payroll, HR or Time & Labor modules.

  • EEO-1
  • OSHA 300A
  • Vets100
  • Worker’s comp Injuries/claims management
  • Notifications regarding employee forms expiring (i.e. I-9)


Advanced Features with Customizable Reporting

Supplemental compliance solutions empower you to generate more complex reports and maintain greater control over your compliance.


Expert Compliance Assistance

Rely on OnePoint for additional compliance and configuration support through our compliance service partners. We work with you to set up additional resources and advanced configurations directly within the platform to further assist you in navigating compliance issues.

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