Simplify Weighted Average Overtime Calculations

Weighted Average Overtime Rate Table Set Up

Customize pay tables to track weighted average overtime rules

OnePoint flexible rules engine allows clients to create Weighted Average Overtime Rate rules that track the week start and use counter lists to determine which hours and amounts will be included in the WAOT calculation.

             Automate the overtime premium calculations

Automate the overtime premium calculations

The weighted average overtime rate tables apply the rate tables that need to count toward the total amount. Identify where the overtime premium from the WAOT calculation will appear and the multiplier.

Weighted Average Overtime Calculation Table

Audit Overtime calculations to ensure accuracy

OnePoint HCM customizable pay rules produce accurate overtime calculations. You can group records per week, not by pay period, and tools like the "Review Results" in Time Prep allow payroll to troubleshoot the calculated rates. Total earnings/hours can be examined to ensure the pay calculation is correct.

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