Proactively Manage Overtime

Lower costs

Control Overtime Costs

Avoid wage and hour risk with real-time time and pay calculations engine monitors employee time data to the minute. Make proactive decisions on staffing and overtime based on demand and budgets.

accurate payroll calculations for employees

Accurate Overtime Calculations

Our sophisticated time and pay rules engine are synched making overtime calculations accurate for simple or complex OT calculations. Simplify weighted average overtime calculations, piece rates, and minimum wage adjustments to avoid payment errors.

Overtime dashboards and alerts

Real-time Overtime Alerts and Notifications

Access time and payroll reports and dashboards that monitor your employee timesheets. Real-time data feeds charts and triggers alerts when schedules or hours worked are reaching overtime thresholds.

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Reducing Unnecessary Overtime Fact Sheet

Business Case:

Control Unnecessary Overtime Costs

There are many reasons for unplanned overtime, but the net affect hurts budgets and the bottom line.

The right time and attendace solution, allow you to match employee availability, skill sets, and preferences to your fluctuating business demands. The result: maximized productivity and less overtime costs.

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