Tools To Stay Compliant

             Adhere to any rest break rules

Adhere to any rest break rules

OnePoint rules engine can be configured to track and manage rest breaks and to meet state and local laws, union agreements, and organizational policies for break requirements.

Employee Timekeeping Software

Real-time exception dashboard

Managers have access to multiple dashboards that show break exception for proactive risk mitigation. Punch restrictions also can be recorded.

             Employee Attestation Surveys

Employee Attestation Surveys

Employee Attestation gives employers the ability to have employee attest that they took and completed their required breaks. This gives you an audit trail proving compliance with laws and union agreements should a lawsuit ever be filed.

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Improve Meal & Rest Breaks Compliance

Learn how OnePoint HCM give managers the tools and real-time reports to monitor and document employee breaks.  Track punches, get alerts of missed breaks, even use employee attestation surveys to collect affirmation that breaks were take each shift.

Workforce automation can solve several common wage and hour compliance issues to produce hundreds of hours of recovered time, control wage costs, and boost productivity across the organization.

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