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Enroll In Any Benefit Plan

OnePoint is a flexible enrollment system that can handle any plan electronically. No matter how many benefits you offer and the differing plans OnePoint can configure it all so your employees can use one system to complete benefits enrollment. Give your employees a better enrollment experience to research, review, compare and enroll in benefits in the same self service portal they use everyday.

Employee Self Service Benefits enrollment

24/7 Benefit Enrollment Access

The benefits enrollment platform provides an easy way to navigate the benefits election process. Employees are notified when enrollment starts, and they can enroll on a desktop or via mobile device. Deliver important benefit information with 24/7 access, as well as detailed plan information, rates, and comparison tools empowering employees to make educated benefit decisions.

Employee Benefit Enrollment Self-Service

Rules-Based Enrollment System

OnePoint uses profiles and rules to only present plans that employees are eligible to enroll. The system knows what fields are required before an employee can complete enrollment. The progress bar and e-signatures bring ease and transparency to the benefit enrollment process. Notifications let everyone know when enrollment is complete and approved.

Consistent Employee Benefits Enrollment Experience

  • Cost Savings – Reduce the per employee cost of enrollment by having all plans in one place and automating the process
  • Eliminate Errors – Say goodbye to the sloppy handwriting and missing field. System rules make sure enrollment submissions are complete.
  • Get More Time – Automation eliminates the administrative effort common with manual benefits enrollment processes.
  • Better Decision Tools
    Give employees the tools employees need to research, compare, review and sign up for the right plans on any device.
OnePoint Benefits Enrollment Dashboards tech-stack_small
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End-to -End Benefits Enrollment

Benefits enrollment with OnePoint streamlines the enrollment process for your company.  Make enrollment easy for employees, eliminate paper forms and manual processes, and get you back to the business in no time.

With decision support, administrator dashboards, broker tools and the ability to connect directly to hundreds of carriers, this solution has everything businesses of any size need to efficiently manage benefit enrollment and administration.

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