Timekeeping and payroll automation saves children's non-profit time and money

Kids and Families Together

Kids & Families Together cashes in from automated timekeeping and payroll

A critical nonprofit for the community, Kids & Families Together fosters the preservation of families and the physical, emotional and mental health of children. With a mission to strengthen relationships by providing safe, supportive help that keeps family members emotionally connected to one another, parents and caregivers get the education and counseling resources that will enhance the ability to raise safe, and healthy children.

CHALLENGE – Manual processes drained time and resources

Before partnering with OnePoint HCM, the non-profit organization struggled to keep up with hundreds time sheets, manual time keeping processes and payroll inefficiencies.

Using disparate systems (including spreadsheets and software from a major payroll provider) it took their staff three days to review and approve paper time sheets required to complete payroll. What’s more, the clinical staff was tasked with creating hundreds of monthly reports detailing services provided for each client.   Each report was saved to the organization’s network, printed, and manually transferred into an Excel spreadsheet. Due to this cumbersome process, clinicians spent approximately 500 hours just preparing these time-consuming reports.

Using disparate systems, with spreadsheets and siloed online software, to track time, payroll and grant funds, took the staff up to three days to complete payroll and took time away from mission-critical tasks. OnePoint HCM changed all of that.”

Payroll Manager – Kids & Families Together


Results – Big savings from automation 

OnePoint HCM modern, unified workforce management platform helped  Kids and Families relied on and eliminated the need for paper time sheets driving the bulk of the manual administrative work and time reporting.

By implementing automated timekeeping and payroll processes they eliminated hundreds of hours of work for their clinicians.  This has freed up time that can now be focused toward clients.

The internal staff was also able to reduce administrative time on time sheet and payroll processing. The recouped time savings plus the improved payroll accuracy they calculate has reduced costs by $10,000 in the first year.


Kids Families Together

Automation ROI Results

  • $10,000 saved in payroll
  • 70 hours saved each month completing payroll
  • 3,300 reports eliminated per year
  • Eliminated Costly Overhead by implementing full-suite
  • Dedicated Customer Service for questions and support
  • Streamlined Performance going from paper to online
OnePoint Non Profit Solutions Overview

NonProfit Solution Guide

Our unified HCM solution provides a complete workforce management platform that helps our non-profit partners automate HR payroll tasks, streamline timekeeping, allocate labor costs, optimize productivity, and maintain grant reports in one platform.

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Non-Profit Overview

There are several ways an all-in-one HCM can create efficiency and cost savings throughout your organization. Automating timekeeping and payroll eliminates manual processes and the headaches of many systems. We Save our clients hours of administrative time and reporting that you can redirect to the communities you serve.

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