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Paying For Rest and Recovery Periods

Configure pay rate tables to automate the calculation of piece rate pay while simultaneously tracking productive vs. non-productive time. Set rules to automatically pay non-productive time or rest/recovery periods based on your policy or the applicable minimum wage in your jurisdiction.

             FLSA Overtime Premium Compliance

FLSA Overtime Premium Compliance

Use pay rules to automate compliance with FLSA guidelines. Easily calculate and track premium rates that are inclusive of all non-discretionary earnings like piece rate. Protect against class-action lawsuits and increase your employee’s satisfaction by clearly denoting all of their premium pay.

Lower costs

Effectively Cover Minimum Wage

Automatically calculate any required minimum wage adjustments when piece rate pay / productive time produces a pay rate calculation lower than minimum wage. Set rules to automatically pay non-productive time or rest and recovery periods based on the applicable minimum wage in your jurisdiction.

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