• Thursday, May 20, 2021

    Pay Equity Laws: What Employers Need to Know


    (Recorded May 20, 2021) The push for pay equity has been gaining steam and shows no signs of slowing down. The entire country is subject to the federal Equal Pay Act—which became more aggressive in the 9th circuit in 2018 due to a court ruling—and more than half a dozen states have enhanced their own equal pay acts in the past few years, with many more considering such legislation in the future.

    In addition, numerous states like California have created salary history inquiry bans and created additional protections for employees who want to discuss their wages. And even in states that don’t pass many of their own employment laws, the publicity around this topic is likely to lead to more federal claims.

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    Kara Govro, JD, SPHR | Laws Manager

    Kara practiced employment law for five years before joining us, and was a Human Resources Generalist for several years prior to that. As an attorney she worked on many wage and hour and discrimination claims in both state and federal court. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oregon State University and earned her law degree from Lewis and Clark Law School.