• Friday, October 9, 2020

    Leave of Absences Comply With California SB 1383


    (Recorded October, 9, 2020)

    Emergency employee leave laws related to COVID-19 have stressed employers for months.  Now a flurry of new leave laws, signed into law in September, are expanding who can take leave and the reasons for eligible family leave.  Laws like CA SB 1383 further lowers the employee count making California Family Rights Act rules applicable to thousands of small businesses.  Are you struggling to come up with a way to comply with California SB 1383 (and others like AB 196)?   You are not alone. 

    Join us for a preview of our Enterprise Leave Manager solution. We will talk briefly about the new laws to be aware of, then move into a demonstration our end-to-end leave case management capabilities that give employers the ability to:

    • Allow employees to initiate leave requests and trigger the HR interview
    • Centralize and automate rules, policies and leave entitlements calculations
    • Gain full transparency on all leave of absences, types, and statuses
    • Retain documentation, certifications, doctor’s notes, and
    • Gain reporting and analytics on the effects of LOA

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    Employee leave, planned and unplanned, can have a dramatic impact on productivity and employee engagement throughout an organization.  OnePoint’s enterprise leave management solutions streamline leave requests and leave case management. Configure leave profiles as necessary to track local, state and federal leave requirements automatically.  Use rules and workflows to reduce administrative burdens that lead to mistakes and errors.  Minimize compliance risk by applying policies consistently for all employees while maintaining a reliable and accurate employee leave history in one unified database.