• Thursday, September 16, 2021

    HR Insights: The Manager Survival Guide & HR Essentials

    (Recorded, September 16, 2021) In a time of labor shortages, many organizations are putting people into manager roles for the first time.  Being a new manager often comes with a steep learning curve, especially when it’s their first time in a supervisor role.

    Most new managers will have leadership and people skills, which is important.  But most aren’t experts in employment law, which can be a challenge for HR.  HR Leaders need to support new managers to help them understand how their actions and decisions each day can impact the organization for better, or worse.

    This webinar is a crash course for people that manage people  — both new and experienced.  Our speaker will identify key management best practices and common pitfalls that trip up managers.  HR practitioners will get practical tips to support and train new managers on building productive teams, and the legal requirements managers deal with everyday, including wage and hour, leave, and harassment laws.  If you are a new manager or have new managers in your organization this webinar is for you.

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    Most managers will not be experts in employment law but they are directly responsible for scheduling, meal and rest breaks, managing overtime, approving leaves, incident reporting, and more.  Training is key, but managers aren’t going to be experts in employment law, or know when a new law affects them.

    OnePoint HCM unified technology platform will give them the support they need to build their teams, communicate, meet their goals and compliance obligations.  OnePoint HCM is designed to eliminate the guess work and put managers in control with real-time data and dashboards to simplify tracking rules, policies, preferences, performance and exceptions.

    OnePoint Managers Scheduling Dashboard