• Thursday, March 18, 2021

    Employment Law 101 for Non-Lawyers


    (Recorded March 18, 2021) There are no shortage of employment law issues for HR to track.  Over the last 12 months we all focused on immediate legal impacts of COVID-19.   We are definitely in the midst of an evolving legal landscape.  However when it comes to employment law, there are some key concepts that are important for every HR professional to know.  So we are getting back to basics in this webinar Employment Law 101 for Non-Lawyers.

    Kara Govro, Attorney and HR analyst, examine these concepts to help you understand their legal basis and nuances that employers should be aware of to avoid issues or violations.

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    • Review of the at-will employment relationship
    • What constitutes workplace harassment
    • NLRA Section 7 employee rights
    • Real examples of payroll oversights that turned into massive wage and hour claims.




    OnePoint’s all-in-one HCM solution creates a single source of data and real-time reporting.   We help simplify compliance management and minimize risk of wage and hour violations. Understanding the key employment law concepts is the first step. Next HR leaders need effective tools to meet compliance requirements and keep up with employment laws as they change.