Paid Sick Leave

Accurately manage sick leave compliance and protect your company from penalties.

The versatile rules engine powering OnePoint’s Time & Labor module simplifies your ability to accurately track leave accruals, rollovers and caps to meet local paid sick leave compliance laws. Set up multiple groups with varying accrual schedules for better visibility and avoid the penalties of non-compliance.

Reduce Exposure to Liability

Configure your leave settings to ensure that any employees in jurisdictions with local paid sick leave laws will be tracked and reported. Apply various leave policies consistently across multiple levels of employee and maintain accurate, easily-accessible records.

Facilitate Communication Across Departments

All departments are able to seamlessly contribute important information to maintain your company’s sick leave compliance. Employee leave updates are accessible at any time, so managers from multiple departments can review accurate sick leave information and make notes in real time.


Custom Accrual Policies Carry Over & Usage Limits Annual Balance Caps
Define and assign custom Accrual Policies for employees who may be governed by different local law or requirements. Set limits on how many hours an employee can carry over into a new Accrual Year. Limit the maximum balance an employee can accumulate in Sick Leave at any given time within the year.
Create as many different policies as you need. Create custom reports to track and identify employees who are approaching accrual limits or balance caps. If allowed by local laws, set limits how many Sick Leave hours an employee take within a calendar year even if they have more in their balance (i.e. California paid sick leave laws) Employee must use their balance before accruing additional time. Different Accrual Policies can have different balance caps.


One flexible solution reduces the runaround of sick leave compliance management

  • Define & assign custom accrual policies for staff at various levels or locations
  • Track and identify employees who are approaching accrual limits or balance caps
  • Set limits on how many hours can be carried over into a new accrual year
  • Set limits on sick leave hours within a calendar year, as defined by local laws
  • Limit accumulated sick leave balance maximums throughout the year
  • Create different accrual policies with various balance caps

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