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Kids and Families Together

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OnePoint HCM All-in-One Human Capital Management Software


Before coming to OnePoint, non-profit organization Kids and Families Together struggled with time and efficiency issues with payroll, time and labor management and benefits administration.

Using disparate systems (including spreadsheets and online software from a major payroll provider) to track time, payroll and grant funds, it took their staff three days to complete payroll. What’s more, the clinical staff was tasked with creating hundreds of monthly reports detailing services provided for each client. Each report was saved to the organization’s network, printed, and manually transferred into an Excel spreadsheet. Due to this cumbersome process, clinicians spent approximately 500 hours just preparing these time-consuming reports.



Kids and Families Together came to OnePoint hoping our solutions would help them save time and money by consolidating all their human capital functions into one unified database platform. They hoped to automate the costly overhead expenses related to manual reporting and other time-intensive activities. They implemented our All-in-One Human Capital Management software to streamline their Human Resources, Time & Labor and Payroll functions.


After implementing the OnePoint software, Kids and Families reduced the time it took to complete payroll from three days to just 90 minutes. In addition, the organization eliminated more than 3,300 reports per year and saved $10,000 of dollars in payroll, allowing their staff to refocus its efforts toward helping their clients and community, achieving immeasurable ROI.

Ongoing Success

Kids and Families Together had started with OnePoint by implementing our Time & Labor solution eventually adding the HR and Payroll functions. They streamlined their performance management processes by converting their paper reports into our online platform. The organization continues to use OnePoint for wage and hour compliance, grant tracking and payroll, which pays off in tremendous time savings by having one unified system for human capital management. Moreover, the Kids and Families staff appreciates that any time they have a question, they have a dedicated customer service representative from OnePoint who will address their issue right away.

$10,000 saved in payroll

70 hours saved each month completing payroll

3,300 reports eliminated per year

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