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Red and White Fleet

Red White Fleet

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OnePoint HCM All-in-One Human Capital Management Software


Red and White Fleet’s HR staff and managers were bogged down by paper-based time keeping processes that were overly time consuming and error prone. The HR staff spent upwards of one day per week, manually converting paper timesheets to payroll and still had to spend time on corrections and adjustments each pay period.

Relying on manual processes for time cards, leave requests and payroll not only took hours of unnecessary administrative time, they had little way to enforce employees adhering to schedules and breaks.


Red and White Fleet worked with OnePoint to implement our single platform HCM to automate their time and labor and payroll processes, including installation of biometric time clocks.

Using one seamless system immediately eliminated hours of review and approval time by automating time punches, breaks, and declared tips data.

Payroll processing time was significantly reduced because approved time card data was passed directly into the payroll system for final review.

The company also created more efficient wage and hour compliance management processes for tracking meal and rest breaks, scheduling and PTO requests. Through self service and automatic notifications, managers are alerted of exceptions and requests in real-time for increased compliance.


Having one HR infrastructure to organize and manage employee data has made a significant impact on productivity for Red and White Fleet. Automatically capturing time data and PTO requests is now a seamless process. They estimate that automating manual processes saves the company approximately $500 per month ($6,000 per year) in direct administrative costs. They also have curbed payroll inflation with the biometric clocks because time entries can’t be fudged or rounded.

Ongoing Success

With the initial productivity and compliance management success using OnePoint, Red and White Fleet configured the HRIS application completing the full suite implementation. They are continuing to gain efficiencies across the organization by automating recruitment and onboarding processes, benefits enrollment and performance reviews.

Having one unified system for human capital management and reporting has produced significant savings in administrative costs and resources compared to our prior process. The days of paper files and spending hours building reports by hand are in the past.

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