Employee Records Management

A powerful single solution helps you get a handle on employee records management.

Increase your efficiency by digitizing your files and storing all your employee data in a nearly paper-free system. Update one employee record and instantly share information across all applications to maintain consistency and compliance.

Employee Records Management Checklist

What is your Employee Recordkeeping Strategy?

OnePoint HCM platform provides and total HR infrastructure to retain and store required employee documents in one database.  Our checklists provides a list of  required employment records and forms to audit your records and gain insight into retention requirements.

How can OnePoint consistently improve efficiency in your employee records management?

  • Consolidate disparate systems into a unified workflow
  • All records are stored in a single database
  • Create one employee record that shares data across Payroll, HR, Benefits and Time & Labor
  • Secure, cloud-based system
  • 24/7 access from any web-enabled device

Our Clients Are Impressed

Discover the power of a single
platform solution.

Whether you are considering our services or are already a OnePoint client, contact us today. We’ll discuss your current human capital management processes and show you how a unified solution can maximize your HCM efficiency and improve your bottom line.