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One system makes HR compliance more manageable.

Simplify compliance management by obtaining accurate, real-time data with a single click. OnePoint simplifies HR compliance with a unified HCM platform that features a customizable rules engine and seamless data transfer providing real-time data, on-demand reporting and easy to read analytics. We make it easier to to proactively monitor HR compliance issues and mitigate wage and hour risk across your organization.

Data accuracy is the cornerstone of HR compliance. Storing information on multiple spreadsheets and disparate systems not only wastes time, it exposes your company to liability. OnePoint’s unified HCM solution has powerful rules engine and configurations with compliance management in mind. Because OnePoint is built on a single database, managers and administrators get access to real-time information that populates across the entire system. Discover how unifying your data collection and customizing your reporting can reduce the runaround of managing your HR compliance risk.

Featured Webinar:
California Wage and Hour Compliance

Recorded February 27, 2019: Understanding federal wage and hour laws can be challenging, but California's laws are even stricter and more complex. In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of California wage and hour issues such as overtime regulations, minimum wage, peice rate pay, bonuses and unique classifications for exempt employees. We will also examine paid leaves as well as required meal and rest periods so you can administer california wage and hour policies with confidence.

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